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  • Green Production brings Benefits & Opportunities to the PCB IndustryFind them out at the 2016 HKPCA & IPC ShowTougher Penalty for Environmental Pollution but Better Return from Environmental Protection


    (Hong Kong, 19 October, 2016) China is undergoing supply-side structural reform. While keeping a sustainable economic growth, environmental protection continues a very important task being monitored closely by Central Government. Environmental protection measures in China not only as strict as 2015 and before, but the requirements are even tougher step by step. Consequently, there is a strong demand for cleaner production and waste management in the PCB industry, at the same time, the industry is looking for lowering production cost and up efficiency to enhance their competitiveness.


    Rapid and significant economic development is at the expense of ecosystem degradation, environmental pollution and resource depletion. Policies implemented by the government with the ideas of “Green Development”, “Recycling” and “Low-carbon Emission” try to avert the unfavorable trend in sustainability. Though recently there are relaxation of emission standards and other pollutant emission standards for the PCB industry, it is predicted that the future requirements for environmental protection will not be loosened but even stricter. As a matter of fact, the whole PCB industry must go with the tide of historical development and get prepared to adapt to “the most stringent environmental protection law” with scientific planning.


    Stricter Penalty for Environmental Pollution in the PCB Industry

    With the implementation of “the most stringent environmental protection law”, a series of laws and regulations are enacted. Not only benefits are being more focused, but there are also heavier penalties being imposed. Different provincial and local governments have committed to achieve its environmental objectives. It indicates that policies and measurements for environmental protection will be implemented strictly. Therefore, all PCB enterprises are duty-bound to act as a responsible corporate citizen either in the sense of legal, practical or moral obligation.


    The government aims to transform traditional manufacturing process by enhancing its standards relating to environmental protection, quality control and technology. Enterprises which still use backward equipment and technology will not be permitted to new land acquisition, production or even sewage discharge. Punishments such as daily penalty, limited production, shutdown or detention will be imposed to any misconduct enterprises. Besides, their illegalities will be publicized and enterprises credit to be constrained. Many enterprises are willing to be fined formerly for illegal discharge as the penalties only range from ten thousand to utmost 0.2 million yuan. However, with the new law enforcement, the cost for illegal action is surged significantly nowadays. The owner of an enterprise which causes significant environmental pollution will be charged with criminal liability for its illegal behavior. All enterprises are suggested to observe carefully before you leap!


    Green Production Brings Opportunities but Not a burden to the PCB Industry

    Gratifying progress in environmental protection has been made in the industry. In area of electroplating, lead-tin electroplating is replaced by pure tin plating; for surface finishing, lead-free hot air leveling has replaced tin lead hot air leveling; for traditional PTH, potassium sodium tartrate and low concentration formaldehyde have been used in electroless copper plating liquid. It results in an easier sewage discharge as there is no EDTA in the waste water. Research and development project on formaldehyde-free and EDTA-free formulation in electroless copper plating is in progress. In addition, the new direct electroplating process, by applying conductive carbon black, conductive palladium, conductive polymer and etc., but not toxic formaldehyde and EDTA, has been developed quite well in recent years. The less the toxic waste water, the healthier the environment. Environmental protection may not be only an investment project but a good return of the investment. There is a PCB plant with in line copper recycling process in a month which earns hundred thousands of dollars. It sets a good example of what goes around, comes around.


    “Green Pavillion” Continues to Keep an Eye on Sustainable Manufacturing

    As the leading indicator of the global industry development, the 2016 International Printed Circuit & APEX South China Fair (2016 HKPCA & IPC Show) not only covers the entire supply chain of PCB & EA products, technologies and solutions, it also keeps the industry staying on top with the hottest market trends as a focal point of technology breakthroughs and visionary innovations. The "Green Pavilion" has been established since 2012 so as to go along with the trend of clean production. With a whole host of innovative green energy technology, new materials and energy-saving production methods, we hope to help more enterprises to carry out green production. Environmental technologies, materials and equipment suppliers such as Fordcun, Ryosei, Pure, Yuhuan Clangsonic, ES, Zhi Bao, Villo, Concord, Bangdi, QiXinTianZheng, NewSource, M&T, Mei Bao, Phosphonics etc. will be present in the "Green Pavilion" this year.


    Expansion of the Show Scale Further Strengthens Its Leading Position

    The 2016 HKPCA & IPC Show, with the theme of “Global Wisdom Shaping the Future”, gathers global industry elites and their latest products and technologies under one roof and provides an ideal platform for sourcing and information exchange which helps leading the industry into the future. With the continuous influx of exhibition applications, the Show is expected to reach a final number of over 2,500 booths by close to 550 exhibitors from around the world, covering an exhibition area over 50,000 sq.m of the Halls 1, 2 & 4 at Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center. A lineup of impressive exhibitors will showcase all of their newest and most innovative equipment & technologies on the industry’s premium platform for trading and information exchange, and be rewarded with vast business and networking opportunities.


    All concurrent events during the show are also the attractive highlights. Industry experts will continue to share their insights on hot technical issues or solutions with the visitors at the “International Technical Conference”. Details will be announced soon. Hit programs like HKPCA & IPC Hand Soldering Competition will bring its Hand Soldering World Championship to China. Visitors can check out top soldering craftsmanship at the Show! Besides, the Welcome Dinner and Golf Tournament also serves a purpose to provide networking opportunities for industry peers to foster friendships and strengthen business ties and partnerships under a relaxing environment.


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    About Hong Kong Printed Circuit Association (HKPCA)

    HKPCA is a non-profit-making association which was founded in Hong Kong during 2000. Being one of the members of     World Electronic Circuits Council (WECC), it helps us to get not only closer connections with overseas printed circuit associations but also better communications. Other WECC members include: CPCA, EIPC, IPC, IPCA, JPCA, KPCA and TPCA.


    As the unique representative of the Hong Kong PCB industry, we aim to promote and maintain the rights and interests for the industry. Performing the communication liaison role within the industry, a diversified communication platform is provided by HKPCA so that our members can be closely linked. Also, HKPCA represents the industry expressing our ideas and opinions to the government and relevant organizations.


    HKPCA has more than 470 members. Total production values reach around 9.4 billion dollars which occupy 36% of the PCB industry in China. Member categories differ from PCB manufacturers, PCB equipment, suppliers of chemicals and raw materials and other trade and software companies. HKPCA member base will be broadened by recruiting more and more qualified members. With all our efforts, the China PCB industry develops more prosperously. For more information, please visit


    About IPC – Association Connecting Electronics Industries®(IPC)

    IPC is a global industry association dedicated to the competitive excellence and financial success of its 3,500 member companies around the world which represent all facets of the electronics industry, including design, printed board manufacturing, electronics assembly and test. As a member-driven organization and leading source for industry standards, training and certification, market research and public policy advocacy, IPC supports programs to meet the needs of an estimated $2.17 trillion global electronics industry. IPC is headquartered in the United States with international offices in Qingdao, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Beijing and Suzhou, China; Taos, New Mexico; Wellington, Virginia; Stockholm, Sweden; Moscow, Russia and Bangalore, India. For more information, please visit and


    About China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Guangzhou Sub-Council


    CCPIT-GZ was established in 1985. Over the past 30 years, CCPIT-GZ has been abiding by the principle of promoting international trade and cooperation, in addition to enhancing international communication and friendship. CCPIT-GZ has successfully organized various trade shows and authentication of export documents, training, information, consultation, mediation and arbitration of business disputes. For more information, please visit

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