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  • 2016 HKPCA & IPC ShowWill be a Perfect Host for Automation and Smart Manufacturing in PCB IndustryHigh level exhibitors will help the industry accommodate Industry 4.0


    (Hong Kong, 12 September, 2016) With the implement of “Made-in-China 2025” and “Internet+”, a clear direction has been given to the transformation of the electronics manufacturing industry in China.  In fact, the five major projects of “Made-in-China 2025” will boost the industry transformation and gradually propelling the industry forward. While those supporting documents are being released one by one, the PCB industry will definitely not lag behind.


    How to crack down “Triangle Dilemma” in Manufacturing Industry

    With the rapid development of computer and communications technology, higher demand for the flexibility of personalized products has become the biggest challenge that manufacturing industry needs to address.   Manufacturers should be able to have rapid response considering upgrading their product, and also reducing production which caused by shortened product life cycle. And hence higher production cost and price pressure will be problems that manufacturers may encounter. "Efficiency", "cost", and "customization" form a “Triangle Dilemma” in the manufacturing Industry.


    "Industry 4.0", on the other hand, turns the production flexibility from challenges to new opportunities by integrating existing automation technology with the rapid development of IT technologies such as Internet and Internet of Things, to solve the problem of flexible production. The beauty of smart manufacturing in the era of "Industry 4.0" is to integrate two contradictory - "personalization" and "scale", in the industrial production into one harmonized practice. Supply chain can be more closely linked and effectively collaborated through the Internet technology so that the personalized products can be put into efficient mass production. The mass customized production mode can achieve lower production costs and shorter delivery time while meeting the personalized needs from customers. Manufacturers thus can sell the products at the price that customers willing to pay and manufacturers having profit, improving the efficiency of product customization. This could address the “Triangle Dilemma” and getting consumers, dealers and manufacturers to "satisfaction" and a "win-win" situation.


    Smart Manufacturing Starts to Get Momentum in PCB Industry

    PCB world, as a labor- and capital-intensive industry, can be benefit from machine substitution in light of the disappeared domestic demographic dividend, rising labor costs, and the economic downturn environment. It can not only improve plants’ automation capability and reduce the manpower’s cost, but also improve production efficiency and product quality. This is undoubtedly a great breakthrough to the PCB industry.


    Since the world's first unmanned factory has been set up in Japan 30 years ago, it gradually spreads throughout the world. In North America, manufacturer develops full automatic PCB production line to address small batch production. The line uses the digital inkjet printer to replace the traditional optical imaging process thus significantly reduces the production time, raw materials, and labor cost, and conforms to the requirement of the "green" manufacturing. It only takes 5 minutes from PCB CAM file inputting into inkjet printers and PCB board graphic forming to etching or plating process. However, there is still gap on the electrical characteristics between PCBs with inkjet printing technology and those with traditional optical image, metal plating and etching technology.


    PCB factories in China won’t lag behind. The number of workers in a manufacturer’s smart workshop decreases from 1,500 to 350, but the efficiency is improved by about 48% and it saves RMB3.8 million a month. In the meantime, the output of RMB1 billion is not affected before and after the smart workshop is put into use. Some companies have invested RMB350 million for machine substitution and the output increased by 30%. The old saying goes: "If the number of people is not enough, let the machine make up!" Nowadays, to “make up” is not to improvise but ascend, progress, and innovate. It has obvious effect for the mass production but there is still a bottleneck to individual process automation.


    In addition to reduce the pressure of the manpower cost, PCB factory automation can also shorten the production cycle time and speed up the delivery. Actually, manufacturers can do so by using mechanical arm and digital processing such as laser drilling, laser direct imaging, inkjet printing, flying probe testing to achieve negative film-free and fixture-free production.


    “Smart Automation Pavilion” continues to address hot topic of Smart Manufacturing

    As the leading indicator of the global industry development, the 2016 International Printed Circuit & APEX South China Fair (2016 HKPCA & IPC Show) not only covers the entire supply chain of PCB & EA products, technologies and solutions, it also keeps the industry stay on top with the hottest market trends as a focal point of technology breakthroughs and visionary innovations. “Smart Automation Pavilion” was launched for the first time last year to cater for the development of “Industry 4.0” and introduction of “Made-in-China 2025”. This year the Pavilion will be further enhanced to offer up-to-date automation equipment, technologies and effective solutions that will facilitate the industry to realize the intelligent production, reduce labor cost and be better equipped for the development of “Industry 4.0”. The show will feature most of the industry famous names including TTM, Ellington, Aoshikang, Evertek (Kunshan), Gainbase, Sunshine, World Mastery, Atotech, Harvar, WKK, Rockent, Schmoll, PAL, Dow, Han’s CNC, C Sun, Topoint, Carl Zeiss, Jadason, Orbotech, C&G, Isola, Hitachi Chemical, MacDermid, Rogers, Schmid, Universal P.C.B., Protek, Joint Stars, Guangdong Guanghua, Farcien, JT Automation, Desen, and etc.


    Expansion of the show scale further strengthens its leading position

    The HKPCA & IPC Show, with the theme of “Global Wisdom Shaping the Future”, reflects that it gathers global industry elites and their latest products and technologies under one roof, provides an ideal platform for sourcing and information exchange which helps leading the industry into the future. With the continuous influx of exhibition applications, the Show is expected to reach a final number of over 2,500 booths by close to 550 exhibitors from around the world, covering an exhibition area over 50,000 sq.m of the Halls 1, 2 & 4 at Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center. The strong lineup of impressive exhibitors will showcase all of their newest and most innovative equipment & technologies on the industry’s premium platform for trading and information exchange, and be rewarded with vast business and networking opportunities.


    Another highlight of the Show is its comprehensive concurrent events. Industry experts will continue to share their insights on hot technical issues or solutions with the visitors at the “International Technical Conference”. Details will be announced soon. Hit programs like HKPCA & IPC Hand Soldering Competition will bring its Hand Soldering World Championship to China. Visitors can check out top soldering craftsmanship at the Show! Besides, the Welcome Dinner will again provide abundant networking opportunities for industry peers to foster friendships and strengthen business ties and partnerships under a relaxing environment.


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    About Hong Kong Printed Circuit Association (HKPCA)

    HKPCA is a non-profit-making association which was founded in Hong Kong during 2000. Being one of the members of     World Electronic Circuits Council (WECC), it helps us to get not only closer connections with overseas printed circuit associations but also better communications. Other WECC members include: CPCA, EIPC, IPC, IPCA, JPCA, KPCA and TPCA.


    As the unique representative of the Hong Kong PCB industry, we aim to promote and maintain the rights and interests for the industry. Performing the communication liaison role within the industry, a diversified communication platform is provided by HKPCA so that our members can be closely linked. Also, HKPCA represents the industry expressing our ideas and opinions to the government and relevant organizations.


    HKPCA has more than 470 members. Total production values reach around 9.4 billion dollars which occupy 36% of the PCB industry in China. Member categories differ from PCB manufacturers, PCB equipment, suppliers of chemicals and raw materials and other trade and software companies. HKPCA member base will be broadened by recruiting more and more qualified members. With all our efforts, the China PCB industry develops more prosperously. For more information, please visit


    About IPC – Association Connecting Electronics Industries®(IPC)

    IPC is a global industry association dedicated to the competitive excellence and financial success of its 3,500 member companies around the world which represent all facets of the electronics industry, including design, printed board manufacturing, electronics assembly and test. As a member-driven organization and leading source for industry standards, training and certification, market research and public policy advocacy, IPC supports programs to meet the needs of an estimated $2.17 trillion global electronics industry. IPC is headquartered in the United States with international offices in Qingdao, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Beijing and Suzhou, China; Taos, New Mexico; Wellington, Virginia; Stockholm, Sweden; Moscow, Russia and Bangalore, India. For more information, please visit and


    About China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Guangzhou Sub-Council


    CCPIT-GZ was established in 1985. Over the past 30 years, CCPIT-GZ has been abiding by the principle of promoting international trade and cooperation, in addition to enhancing international communication and friendship. CCPIT-GZ has successfully organized various trade shows and authentication of export documents, training, information, consultation, mediation and arbitration of business disputes. For more information, please visit

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